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Ivermectin for Dogs, AKA Generic Heartgard (No Prescription Required)

Generic Heartgard

The last time I purchased Heartgard for my dog, it required a prescription from the vet and about $60 for a 6 month supply.   This would run me $120 per year.  If I had two dogs, $240 per year.  In addition, I have to have a prescription from my vet.  I knew there had to be a cheaper and easier way.  The only active ingredient in Heartgard is Ivermectin, which is sold over the counter for livestock.

Default Arduino Uno Fuse Setting

The default Arduino Fuse and Lockbit Settings are as follows:
Sorry, no time to provide an expatiation of fuse bits now.  After searching for ten minutes for a quick answer to program a stand alone Arduino capible board, had to look up the setting in the data sheet.  Cant believe this hasn't been posted elsewhere, so I am making sure to capture it here.

Beef Brisket Sous Vide with 48 Hour Cooking Time

I have been very eager to cook a beef brisket with my sous vide setup.  Above is a nice whole beef brisket in a vacuum cryo pack.  It is USDA Choice grade so it is nice piece of meat.  I picked out a package with a nice white hard fat cap.  Animals which were grain fed before slaughter are said to have the harder white fat cap.

Duck Confit Sous Vide

I got the chance the other day to cook some duck.  I have been wanting to for some time now, but have not been able to find any.  I found some recently at a Ranch Market 99 in the Freemont area.  I have never cooked duck before and have only eaten Peking Duck on a few occasions.

Ranchers Reserve Cracked Pepper Petite Tender Beef Filet Sous Vide

The following article is about Sous Vide cooking a Ranchers Reserve Cracked Pepper Petite Tender Beef Filet from Safeway.  Normally when cooking Sous Vide, I purchase high quality beef and season myself.  This package caught my eye, as it is pre-marinated and already in a vacuum sealed pouch.

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