Sous Vide Cooking

Welcome to the Sous Vide cooking section.  If you do not know what Sous Vide cooking is check out the Wikipedia Sous Vide page.
Basically, to cook Sous Vide the food, usually meat, is vacuum sealed and placed in a hot water bath at precisely the right temperature to cook the food.  Since the water bath is controlled at precisely the correct temperature, the food it cook all the way through at the same temperature.   A medium rare steak is medium rare all the way through.  With Sous Vide it is easy to cook a steak perfectly every time.
The main purpose of this page is to document my Arduino OSSV(Open Source Sous Vide) Project.  The project is in its intermediate design stages.  I have created a prototype which I use on a regular basis to cook my meals.  I am sending the PCB’s of the fabricator and am working on an enclosure.  I plan to post my designs as I go, even before reaching V1.0.
In addition to my Arduino OSSV project, I have documented several of the meals I have cooked with my setup.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  There is also a section for any extra equipment I create.  Sorry, it is currently empty.   I am a big believer in making my own equipment for the project and hobbies I am involved in.  Equipment designs and reviews will be added over time.