Projects Comming Soon

Below are some of the project I have complete and am ready to write up in the upcoming months:

  • Homemade sous vide water circulator including Arduino based PID controller and timer
    • Various sous vide meals I have cooked
  • Adventures in sausage making and smoked/cured meat
  • A 5500 watt electric boil kettle and controller for home brewing beer (controller soon to be replaced by a Arduino based PID, Manual PWM, and timer system)
  • Various other components I have built for home brewing
  • A custom fiberglass center console jockey seat for my 4.0 meter Avon rib
  • Arduino based “CoolBot” which turns a standard window air conditioner into a walk in refrigerator
  • Camera trigger for RC aircraft
  • Work in home based electronics and manufacturing:
    • Etched solder stencil for SMD solder paste work
    • Modification of low cost servos to reduce current spike which was collapsing a circuit’s power supply
    • Troubleshooting a MOSFET control circuit which was failing due to a high inrush current spike
    • MOSFET switch design which allows a circuit to turn itself off ATX power supply conversion