Project I am Currently Working On

Below are some project I am working on but have not complete.  Once I finish all of my "comming soon" projects I will write these up, complete or not:

  • Egg-O-Bator (Egg Open-source Incubator)- Arduino based egg incubator, with built in egg turning.  
    • This project is in its beginning stages.  I am currently laying out the body of the incubator in Solidworks. 
    • I am also still debating the heating element.  If I use main voltage I eliminate some of the makers who do not want to work with 110V.  If I limit myself to DC voltage I limit my heater performance.
    • If there is someone with a laser cutter, Solidworks experience, or Arduino programming experience who would like to help out please Contact Me
  • Arduino based home brewing boil kettle controller (PID, manual PWM, Start Timer, End Timer)