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Beef Brisket Sous Vide with 48 Hour Cooking Time

I have been very eager to cook a beef brisket with my sous vide setup.  Above is a nice whole beef brisket in a vacuum cryo pack.  It is USDA Choice grade so it is nice piece of meat.  I picked out a package with a nice white hard fat cap.  Animals which were grain fed before slaughter are said to have the harder white fat cap.

Duck Confit Sous Vide

I got the chance the other day to cook some duck.  I have been wanting to for some time now, but have not been able to find any.  I found some recently at a Ranch Market 99 in the Freemont area.  I have never cooked duck before and have only eaten Peking Duck on a few occasions.

Ranchers Reserve Cracked Pepper Petite Tender Beef Filet Sous Vide

The following article is about Sous Vide cooking a Ranchers Reserve Cracked Pepper Petite Tender Beef Filet from Safeway.  Normally when cooking Sous Vide, I purchase high quality beef and season myself.  This package caught my eye, as it is pre-marinated and already in a vacuum sealed pouch.

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